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The Dictus Band has done an excellent job keeping my daughter's dropped foot in the proper position. But more importantly (at least to a fashionable teenage girl!) it allowed her to ditch her large plastic hospital-issued brace and instead wear a wide variety of cute shoes -- the nude-colored barefoot model works well for some types of dressy shoes and the original is perfect for every day. Both versions are well constructed and easy to take on and off. This is a terrific product!

Amy W.
Chicago, IL
We have had great success with the Dictus Band with several of our residents. It is easy to don and doff and comfortable for the residents to wear. Compliance is 100%! The customer service is also excellent. A quote from one resident “I wish I knew about this product before. My brace was so heavy and bulky, hard to get on and it never fit right. This is so easy to get on and I don’t even feel it on my shoe.”

Susan T., Physical Therapist